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Tool for investors of the cryptocurrency market

We help you to operate like professional traders to apply your trading strategies perfectly.

Protect your capital

Protect our capital against a sudden drop in the crypto market

Improve your trading

It allows to put Stop Loss and Take profits in the same investment.

Increase your performance

It allows you to make a much more powerful distribution of your capital

Dynamic Stop Loss

Allows to set floating stop loss to be able to follow the market price

Multi account manager

Provide your trading strategy to all your customers in an automated way


Increase your security

The software provides to the user a greater security in their operations

Invisible orders

The purchase and sale actions performed by the software are on the market so they are not reflected as pending orders in the market depth

Spreads of execution

Control the openings and closures of operation by price bands, getting large purchases and sales gradually within the price range

Remote control

Through a mobile application we can control the software at any time and place

Control of your operations

The algorithm notifies you by email of all the processes that you carry out

Traders strategies: choose among several professional traders to obtain their strategies and apply them in Thetradingkeeper software



It is a tool that applies your trading strategies perfectly and allows you to protect your capital completely

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Thetradingkeeper's featured features

Function 1: Protect your capital – It allows you to put StopLoss to cryptocurrencies that we do not yet have, unlike a normal StopLoss.

This offers greater protection and control of our capital and in case of a large generalized market decline, it quickly saves investment. If the investments in altcoins are transformed into BTC but it is not present at that moment, it is not possible to put StopLoss to those BTCs. THETRADINGKEEPER tool allows you to leave a predefined strategy and that these BTCs are automatically converted to USDT at the price that we have indicated previously.

Function 2: Improve your trading – It allows to place in the altcoins several pending orders of the maximum amount of bitcoins available and the first pending order to be executed is where all the bitcoins enter.

Example: We have an account with 1BTC and 4 cryptocurrencies in which we want to place pending order, in this situation we would put 0.25 BTC per pending order, assuming the risk that of those 4 only one outstanding order is executed because the others do not go up, so we would both have 0.25 BTC in altcoin, which has gone up. With THETRADINGKEEPER we have devised a functionality that allows you to get much more performance to the market of the altcoins, in this case THETRADINGKEEPER would allow us to put 4 pending orders of 1 BTC each and the first pending order to be executed there will stop all our banking of 1 BTC. Another example, if we want to place 5 pending orders of 0.5 BTC with a bank of 1 BTC, the first two pending orders that will be executed will be those that the whole bank will take. There, it will depend on how the client wants to develop the strategy but this functionality will allow him to exploit the altcoin market much better.

Function 3: Increase your performance – Application of more complex strategies because the system does not catch the tokens.

Up to now, it was not possible to apply certain trading options in the cryptocurrency market, such as profit Take profits and Stop Loss in the same trade. THETRADINGKEEPER’S algorithm allows you to put Stop Loos and Take Profits in all the altcoins and also in BTC. This is the solution the problem that exists today, when it is necessary to decide whether to take a partial/total benefits or Stop Loss, since the tokens are stuck in one of the two decisions.

Function 4: Dynamic StopLoss

This feature means that once the purchase order has been executed, if the price continues to rise, the StopLoss goes up in the same proportion, that is, follows the price.

Function 5: Multi account manager – Import strategies from traders

It allows to choose between several groups of professional Traders to be able to obtain their strategies of trading and to import them in the software with what will be operating like a professional.

Function 6: Increase your security

The software runs on the user’s computer or on the server that we provide. Through the API keys of the exchange, the software connects to it. We only request the public API to compile the software. We will never ask for the private key. The user enters his private key inside the software and it is encrypted on his computer / server.

Also, by default, API withdrawals are disabled so it would be impossible for someone to withdraw money from your account.

Function 7: Invisible orders in the market – Does not generate walls of depth

Purchase and sale orders are executed on the market so they are invisible in the market as they are not reflected as pending orders. Ideal for users who manage enough capital as they will not generate walls of depth.

Function 8: Spreads of execution

When making a purchase or closing operation, you can indicate a price band, that is, the range in which you want to buy or sell. In this way, gradual purchases can be made in case there is not enough depth.

Example Purchase Spread: I establish BTC purchase order in $4000, if I set the purchase spread in 10, it means that I can buy up to 10% of $4000, that is, in the price of $4000 – $4400.

Example Stop Loss Spread: In case I set StopLoss at $3000, if I set the StopLoss spread as 10, it will executed when the price is between $3300 and $3,000.

Function 9: Control of your trades 

User will receive an email every time operations occur such as:
Take profit
Enter in a pending order

Remote control

Through a mobile application, we can connect remotely to the server to use the software from there

how it works



Client selects product

Select the desired product in the PRICES section.
When selecting it, also choose if you want to acquire a virtual private server, where we will be the ones who install it so that you do not have to do anything.
You can also try the trial version for 30 days.


On CHECKOUT page, you must inform the User and Password fields in case you are not already registered and additional fields for the development team to compile the software. One of the fields to be filled is the API public key of the exchange. Once informed, choose the payment method and you will place the order.
In case you were already registered, log in and fill in the additional fields.
The methods of payment that exist are: Paypal or Credit card and Bitcoin / Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

Developer team receives your order

When the development team receives the order, it will compile the software and send it to the client along with the server, in case they have requested it.

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how it works





  • License time: 1 month
  • Available exchanges: Binance
  • Technical support:
  • Control of market by technical analysis :
  • Import strategies from traders:



$347 / YEAR

  • License time: 1 month / 1 year
  • Available exchanges: Binance
  • Technical support:
  • Control of market by technical analysis :
  • Import strategies from traders:



$449 / YEAR

  • License time: 1 month / 1 year
  • Available exchanges: Binance
  • Technical support:
  • Control of market by analysis technical:
  • Import strategies from traders:

PROFESSIONAL LICENSE: allows you to select among several professional Traders to obtain their strategies and import them into the software so that you will be performing the same strategy as a professional trader



THETRADINGKEEPER has decided to trade with the BINANCE exchange for the following reasons:

It is one of the most popular exchanges of 2018.
High liquidity
Very low commissions.
Many cryptocurrencies available.

In the near future, the new exchange that we will incorporate will be announced.



Can I place an order without to be registered?

No, to acquire a product it is necessary to be registered.

Is this software free of risk?

This software is designed to develop more complete strategies in the cryptomarket and give you the option of not getting stuck in a sudden market crash, but it is up to you which strategies to apply. We are not responsible of how you use our product, and there are risks that we can not control as the lack of liquidity to close their operations. It is also up to you to implement security measures for the running computer, such as enabling firewalls, ensuring that the operating system is not compromised, etc. Moreover, keep in mind that our software does not have the ability to withdraw or deposit coins.

What computer do I need to have?

THETRADINGKEEPER is currently designed for the windows operating system, but we are also supporting MacOs and Linux. To run THETRADINGKEEPER, be sure to check the technical especifications of the computer on which you would like to run THETRADINGKEEPER. Moreover, it does not use many resources.

How do I buy a product?

Select the product you want. When you click, we will redirect you to a website where you will have to register and accept the terms and conditions. Once enrolled you will access the website where you can buy the product there will seem a bitcoin/litecoin wallet adress where yo make the payment. Immediately receive an email to fill the compilation form, so the development team can compile the software.In a 24 hour period you will be sent the personalized TheBitcoinKeeper.

Is it necessary to have the computer always on?

Yes, THEBITCOINKEEPER makes constant queries on the web so the computer should always remain on in the case of shutting down the algorithm would be deactivated and the variables should be re-entered when it was turned on again. In the SERVERS section of our website we recommend servers that will allow you to have the software on 24 hours a day every day of the year without interruptions with what your computer could turn it off whenever you want.

Can I pay with physical coins?

We still have not activated that payment method but we are working on it. In the future it is expected to be available this and other payment methods.

In which exchanges can I use the TheBitcoinKeeper tool?

At the moment it can only be used in the Binance’s exchange. Coming soon, we look forward to add the exchanges Bittrex and Cryptopia.



In order to always have the TheTradingkeeper software in operation, it is advisable to use the servers for greater convenience. We recommend the Amazon, Google and Hostalia servers.


Amazon offers free 1-year VPS servers with a capacity of 1GB RAM (you can open up to 5-6 software at same time) and then on the other hand there are the paid versions that you choose the capacity. We recommend 2GB RAM capacity (minimum you can open more than 10 software at same time) where it has a price of approximately € 25 / month. The server with 2GB RAM capacity is called t2.small. Link below.

Amazon Web Services ( AWS )


Google offers servers in the cloud through your cloud platform. Google gives you in the first year an account with $ 300 of credit to spend. The most basic server has 3.75GB RAM with which it is quite. Its price is $ 27 / month if we use linux / ubuntu operating system and $ 57 / month if we use windows operating system. Link below to create the account on the Google platform.

Google Cloud Platform


Clouding is a provider of Cloud VPS servers in Spain. It stands out for offering very competitive prices, where for 12-20 € / month we can have the server we need. Another great feature they have is their great technical support. Link below to create the account in Clouding.



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